Your use of this brainstorming training website

This complete website is available to you as free brainstorming training as long as you use it online. You are free to come back and use it whenever you want as long as you only read the contents online through an active connection to our site. You are free to use the contents to train yourself and others in brainstorming and creativity.

To purchase a licence to be able to use the pages off-line on your own network or intranet, please click here to go to our products page. We will then arrange for an installation file to be sent to you. (Not-for-profit organizations can get this for free, click here for more info.)

While you may not download or use most of the pages and documents off-line, there are some documents which are specifically labelled as being free to use. You may only freely download and use the specially created downloadable RTF files as long as you acknowledge their source. The documents when used must contain the following wording:

You have permission to use and redistribute this document as long as its contents are not modified and only if you include this paragraph and the following words on the same page: Please visit, internet and computer resources for creativity and brainstorming. ©1997-2024 Infinite Innovations Ltd. All rights reserved.

You may purchase the rights to copy and install the entire website on to your computer, intranet and/or network to use as training material and other purposes. This will cut your phone bills and allow a greater availability of the material to your company. Please email us and ask about how you can do this.

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