Wishful thinking brainstorming training – make your wishes reality today

Wishful thinking brainstorming training

How to Utilize the “What If” Technique in Creative Problem-Solving

This technique taps into the power of boundless imagination. By envisaging an ideal scenario without the usual constraints, you can unlock innovative pathways and set aspirational targets. Here’s how to leverage the ‘What If’ technique for inventive brainstorming:

Dream Boldly, Then Ground Your Ideas:

Start by imagining the most optimal outcome without any limitations. This could be a scenario where resources are infinite, or societal norms and laws don’t apply. By allowing your mind to roam freely, you might stumble upon novel concepts or approaches.

Innovative Examples of Wishful Questions:

  1. What if I could teleport?
    • Ideal Scenario: Instantaneous travel anywhere.
    • Grounded Application: Explore ways to improve transportation efficiency or virtual reality experiences for remote interaction.
  2. What if plants could communicate with us?
    • Ideal Scenario: Plants giving direct feedback on their health and needs.
    • Grounded Application: Develop advanced sensors or AI for plant health monitoring, enhancing agricultural productivity.
  3. What if time could be paused?
    • Ideal Scenario: Halting time to accomplish more tasks.
    • Grounded Application: Investigate time management techniques or technologies that speed up processes.
  4. What if we could breathe underwater?
    • Ideal Scenario: Exploring the ocean depths without equipment.
    • Grounded Application: Innovate in underwater exploration technologies or sustainable underwater habitats.
  5. What if buildings healed themselves?
    • Ideal Scenario: Structures that repair their own damage.
    • Grounded Application: Research self-healing materials or proactive maintenance systems for infrastructure.

From Fantasy to Feasibility:

After exploring these imaginative scenarios, the next step is to distill practical elements. Identify aspects of your ‘perfect solution’ that can be translated into real-world applications. This method helps in setting ambitious, yet attainable goals, and in identifying innovative solutions that inch closer to the ideal.

Implementing this ‘What If’ technique empowers you to think beyond conventional boundaries, encouraging a blend of fantastical ideas with practical strategies for real-world challenges.

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