What is Brainstorming? How to achieve new results reliably

What is Brainstorming?

What is free Brainstorming training?

Traditionally, brainstorming is done in a group but with special techniques can be improved in groups while also allowing individuals to do it by themselves.

Brainstorming is traditionally a method where a group of individuals gathers to generate new ideas around a specific topic. This process involves rules that encourage uninhibited thinking, allowing participants to explore new thought areas.

As a result, numerous innovative ideas and solutions emerge. During these sessions, participants spontaneously share ideas and build upon others’ suggestions. All ideas are recorded without criticism, and evaluation occurs only after the session concludes.

This traditional approach to brainstorming aims to equip you with foundational techniques and then progresses to advanced strategies.

Additional Definitions:

individual brainstorming by yourself
  • Brainstorming is a creative process for generating fresh ideas.
  • According to Alex Osborn, brainstorming is “a conference technique by which a group attempts to find a solution for a specific problem by amassing all the ideas spontaneously by its members”.
  • To brainstorm means to apply specific rules and techniques that foster unique ideas, unlikely to arise under ordinary circumstances.
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Brainstorming is an effective tool for idea generation, requiring minimal effort. This process is versatile, applicable to developing new products, services, processes in professional settings, or enhancing personal life.

Whether you are creatively inclined or logically driven, brainstorming can be seen as a holistic experience or a logical set of rules, respectively. It encourages viewing problems from different perspectives.

Brainstorming rules ensure success regardless of personal style. Techniques and environments may vary to suit individual preferences. Whether you engage in group brainstorming or opt for solo sessions in solitude, both approaches can be fruitful. This website guides you through these methods and introduces specialized software to enhance your brainstorming sessions.

Traditional Brainstorming

Conventionally, brainstorming involves a group brainstorming in a setting where ideas are freely expressed without judgment. This non-critical environment fosters a variety of ideas for later analysis, often leading to groundbreaking concepts.

Advanced Brainstorming

Brainstorming Session skills

We advocate for an evolved version of traditional brainstorming, aiming for more original ideas and efficiency. Advanced brainstorming incorporates specialized techniques, improved processes, heightened awareness, and technology, addressing the limitations of traditional methods. These can also be done alone without group interactions.

Advanced brainstorming features:

  • Innovative processes and training to lower inhibitions
  • Creative and lateral thinking techniques
  • Brainstorming software (e.g., our 30-day trial of Brainstorming Toolbox)
  • New materials for idea stimulation and recording
  • Resources from this website. While we offer free training here, utilizing this content on personal or corporate networks requires a license purchase. This supports the website’s and your training’s expansion.

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