Using new people to enhance brainstorming – develop new ideas with others


Introducing new individuals into brainstorming sessions can significantly enhance the creative process, akin to diversifying ingredients for an exceptional culinary experience. Let’s delve into this analogy further:

Picture yourself planning to prepare an array of exciting, diverse dishes, possibly to impress someone special. However, you realize your pantry is bare. Would you opt to buy a limited range of bulk ingredients, or would you choose a variety of items – some exotic, others staple, a mix of spicy and bland, fresh and dried? The latter choice, with its diverse ingredients, mirrors the essence of effective brainstorming.

The power of diverse perspectives in brainstorming is akin to the variety in ingredients. Each person, like each unique ingredient, brings their own experiences, knowledge, and worldview. This diversity breeds a rich tapestry of ideas and solutions.

Including others

To optimize this process, it’s advisable to include participants from various departments within your organization, or at least different groups within the same department. Often, there’s a misconception in companies that other departments may not understand the problem well enough to contribute valuable ideas. However, this assumption overlooks the fresh perspectives and unique insights that individuals from varied backgrounds can offer.

Using new people to enhance brainstorming - develop new ideas

Each department or group typically doesn’t fit into stereotypes and usually comprises individuals who are intelligent and adept at communication. Their distinct perspectives are invaluable, enriching the brainstorming process.

It’s essential, however, to ensure that the individuals invited are conducive to a constructive and collaborative brainstorming environment. The goal isn’t to include those who are overly critical or disruptive but to welcome diversity in thought and experience.

Including people from all relevant groups – factory workers, sales, marketing, IT, finance – ensures a comprehensive view of the issues at hand. Regularly inviting new members of the company can also bring fresh ideas and perspectives.

Remember, brainstorming isn’t just about idea generation; it’s also about building bridges between different departments and groups within an organization. These sessions, when conducted in an inclusive and respectful manner, foster better understanding and collaboration, extending beyond the brainstorming room.

A key aspect of making these sessions successful is ensuring that new participants are well-prepared and comfortable. It’s your responsibility as a host to provide necessary training and information, ensuring everyone feels valued and able to contribute effectively.


In summary, just as a variety of ingredients can create an extraordinary meal, a diverse group of participants can significantly enrich brainstorming sessions. This approach not only fosters innovative thinking but also strengthens inter-departmental relationships, contributing to a more collaborative and productive organizational culture.

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