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Welcome to the Wishful Thinking tutorial

This web page is a tutorial on just one part of a free training web site on brainstorming.

How to use the Wishful Thinking technique

Here's a technique we're all familiar with! And it is indeed a very useful tool for coming up with new ideas. By dreaming of your ideal situation or solution, you can often come up with something which can have a similar effect but in more practical, realistic way. It can also be useful because you have something to aim for and you can then consider how far you want your solution to meet your ideal.

You use your ideal solution to come up with ideas of how it can be obtained, or how part of it can be obtained.

Some wishful questions you might ask yourself might be:

  • What would my perfect solution be?
  • What effect would my ideal solution have?
  • What if money/morals/laws did not matter at all?
  • What would I do if I had unlimited power and resources?
  • What would my ideal solution look like?

Once you have dreamed of your perfect solution, you must then look at how much of it can be put into practice and how you can achieve it. See what practical benefits you can get from the perfect solutions.

Please try this technique for yourself and you will certainly improve at coming up with new ideas.

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