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Welcome to the Role Play tutorial

This web page is a tutorial on just one part of a free training web site on brainstorming.

How to use the Role Play technique

One of the great ways of changing the way you see the world is to see it from someone else's point of view. This technique allows you to change your perspective by getting you to role play a different person and see how they would approach the problem. Different people use different bits of information and knowledge to approach the same problem and it's extremely helpful to view a task from different angles. Have you ever noticed that an artist and a mathematician will approach a subject from different angles and different ways of thinking? Imagine the ideas you will have as you take the role of both occupations and play around with the displacements of thought!

First you need to select an occupation to role play. The easiest way to get this is to use a computer to select from a list of occupations (eg. using Brainstorming Toolbox) but you can always use a paper version or make one up on the spot. A randomly selected list is best so that you don't select easy or less challenging ones.

When you have your occupation to role play then try to approach the probortunity in the way that this person would do it.

  • How would they think?
  • What objects and items would they be using?
  • Where would they be doing it?
  • How would they see the problem?
  • What action would they take?
  • How would they explain the problem?
  • How would they solve the problem?

See how many different ways you can approach the problems and its solutions using your new assumed personality.

Additional extensions to this technique

  • Have a whole group of people assume different occupations and let them interact in their new ways.
  • Have a whole group of people assume the same occupation.
  • Have one person pretending to be the problem and other people asking them what it's like. Ask that person how they would respond to the questions and proposed solutions.

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