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Click here for access to creative thinking resources

Creative Thinking and Lateral Thinking techniques

Click here for access to creative thinking resources

(To use this page you first need to learn how creative thinking techniques work, so click here if you do not already.)

The green Advanced Brainstorming tour will move steadily through the training material for the following creative techniques. You can press the button with the green door at the bottom of this screen to start the training material on the Random Word technique and work through to the end. If you do not read anything else, the most comprehensive training material is used on the Random Word technique.

If you do not want to read the material on all of the techniques just yet then pick them out individually, return to this page and then click here to move past the technique training section and on to learn how to use these techniques within your brainstorming sessions. You can always return to this page later.

All of these techniques will make the generation of original ideas easier so let's start learning about them now:

Creative Technique Training and tutorial page Try technique now Download software
Random Word Click here Click here

Brainstorming Toolbox

Click here for information

Click here to download

Random Picture Click here Click here
False Rules Click here Click here
Random Website Click here  
SCAMPER Click here Click here
Search & Reapply Click here  
Role Play Click here Click here
Challenge Facts Click here  
Escape Click here  
Analogies Click here  
Wishful Thinking Click here  

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When you have now read the training on each of the techniques and want to read about how to use these techniques within your brainstorming sessions, click here. Otherwise keep on reading through the techniques .....

To move to the first of these techniques and to follow a path through the training on each technique, click on the green door to continue the green (Advanced Brainstorming) tour.
Press 'n' to go to the 'N'ext page,
press 'b' to go 'B'ack a page
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