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Additional ideas for a good brainstorming session

This page is dedicated to fresh ideas for a brainstorming session. Experiment with them and see what works for you, or use them to change the format of your normal sessions.

Great brainstorming ideas:

  • Use a video camera or tape recorder to make sure no ideas are lost. They can be transcribed later.
  • Lower the lighting in the room to make people more relaxed and less inhibited.
  • Have some toys and interesting play objects to stimulate and relax people.
  • Use a room outside your normal office environment for extra effect.
  • Have a different room with refreshments and encourage people to meet and chat in the break periods.
  • Remove or turn off the telephones in the room.
  • Close the curtains or blinds if there are any distractions outside.
  • Play a mixture of soothing and stimulating music. Play a random selection from two different CDs.
  • Let everyone have their own computer with brainstorming software on it and use this for a stimulus.
  • Have lots of old newspaper, stickytape, scissors and string so that people can experiment with making and describing their ideas.
  • Have lots of coloured pens and pencils around.
  • Give everyone a yellow piece of card to show if people are starting to become too critical.
  • Give everyone a green piece of card to show if people are starting to put forward solutions which are too ordinary.
  • Use blindfolds for hidden suggestions.
  • Spread out some joke books to encourage laughter.
  • Get people to stand up instead of sitting down.
  • Get everyone to face the outside walls in their chairs instead of facing inwards.
  • Give everyone a personal tape recorder so no ideas are lost because of slowness of writing .

From the above ideas you should be able to see that brainstorming styles and techniques can be varied to keep a session alive and dynamic. Brainstorming should not be a boring or static. Change it and see what happens! Tell us about your own methods and techniques, we would love to know them.

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