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TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)


TRIZ is a problem-solving methodology derived from a comprehensive study of global patents and invention patterns. Developed in Russia, it’s based on the principle that the evolution of systems follows predictable patterns. By understanding these patterns, TRIZ provides systematic approaches to solve complex problems and innovate effectively.

Steps of TRIZ

TRIZ brainstorming technique training
  1. Problem Definition: Clearly define the problem or conflict that needs resolution.
  2. Identification of Contradictions: Analyze the problem to identify technical or physical contradictions that are hindering a solution.
  3. TRIZ Principles and Patterns: Utilize the 40 TRIZ principles, which are general strategies distilled from a vast array of patents. These principles offer solutions to overcome the identified contradictions.
  4. Invention and Innovation: Apply these principles to develop innovative solutions or improvements for the defined problem.
  5. Solution Implementation: Implement the best solution derived from the TRIZ methodology.


  • Example 1: Improving Battery Life in Electronics
  • Application: Use TRIZ to identify contradictions in current battery technology and apply relevant principles to innovate more efficient and longer-lasting batteries.
  • Example 2: Enhancing Manufacturing Processes
  • Application: Identify contradictions in a manufacturing process and apply TRIZ principles to solve these issues, thereby optimizing the process and reducing costs.
  • Example 3: Environmental Solutions
  • Application: Apply TRIZ to environmental challenges, such as waste management, by identifying contradictions in current practices and innovating more sustainable solutions.


TRIZ is particularly beneficial in fields that demand technical and engineering innovation, such as product development, manufacturing, environmental technology, and software engineering. Its structured approach is valuable for organizations seeking systematic and inventive problem-solving methods. By focusing on the identification and resolution of contradictions, TRIZ encourages out-of-the-box thinking and leads to high levels of innovation and efficiency.

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