Think-Pair-Share: Collaborative Brainstorming for better group skills


Think-Pair-Share: Collaborative Brainstorming training

Think-Pair-Share is a versatile and dynamic collaboration strategy adaptable for the workplace. This method breaks down the process of idea generation and problem-solving into three stages, fostering individual reflection, peer-to-peer dialogue, and group sharing. It’s an effective tool for encouraging participation and leveraging the diverse perspectives of all team members.

What is Think-Pair-Share?

Originally used in educational settings, Think-Pair-Share is a structured method that has been effectively adapted for the professional environment. It ensures that every team member has the opportunity to contribute, thereby enriching the collaborative experience and enhancing the quality of solutions.

Steps of Think-Pair-Share

  1. Think: Individuals are presented with a question, problem, or topic and given time to reflect on it independently. This stage allows for the development of unique ideas and personal insights.
  2. Pair: Participants then pair up with a colleague to discuss their thoughts. This interaction encourages listening, understanding different viewpoints, and refining ideas through dialogue.
  3. Share: Lastly, pairs share their insights with the larger group. This can involve presenting as a duo or inviting individual contributions. This final stage broadens the conversation, integrating diverse perspectives and ideas.

Examples of Think-Pair-Share in the Workplace

Example 1: Project Planning

  • Think: Team members individually consider potential strategies for a new project.
  • Pair: They discuss their ideas with a colleague, merging concepts and addressing potential challenges.
  • Share: Pairs present their collaborative strategy to the team, stimulating a comprehensive project plan discussion.

Example 2: Problem-Solving in Customer Service

  • Think: Employees reflect on their own approaches to resolving a common customer complaint.
  • Pair: They pair up to exchange ideas and develop a unified approach.
  • Share: The pairs share their solutions with the team, leading to the development of a robust customer service strategy.

Example 3: Innovation and Creativity

  • Think: Individuals think independently about innovative solutions to enhance a product or service.
  • Pair: Colleagues discuss their ideas, combining creativity and practicality.
  • Share: Ideas are shared with the larger group, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.


Think-Pair-Share in the workplace is a powerful tool for fostering inclusive participation, enhancing team communication, and generating high-quality, collaborative solutions. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of professional contexts, from strategic planning to creative brainstorming. By engaging each team member in individual reflection, collaborative discussion, and group sharing, it not only drives better outcomes but also strengthens team dynamics.

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