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Starbursting Technique: Unraveling Problems Through Inquiry


Starbursting Questioning Technique training course

Starbursting is an innovative and structured brainstorming technique designed to explore and understand problems or decisions comprehensively. Unlike traditional brainstorming methods that focus on generating answers or solutions, Starbursting emphasizes the formulation of questions. By concentrating on asking the right questions, this technique ensures a deeper understanding of the issue at hand and uncovers various aspects that might otherwise be overlooked.

What is Starbursting?

Starbursting uses a star-shaped diagram as a visual tool to organize questions around a central problem or topic. Each point of the star represents a different type of question, typically starting with the ‘Five Ws and How’ (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How). This methodical approach helps in dissecting the problem from multiple perspectives and ensures a thorough analysis.

Steps of the Starbursting Technique

  1. Central Problem Identification: Place the main topic or problem at the center of a star-shaped diagram.
  2. Generate Questions: For each point of the star, formulate questions related to the problem. Start with the ‘Five Ws and How’:
  • Who: Who is affected? Who is involved?
  • What: What are the components? What could be the impact?
  • Where: Where does the problem occur?
  • When: When does it happen? When does it need solving?
  • Why: Why is it a problem? Why does it need addressing?
  • How: How can it be approached or solved?
  1. Expand and Explore: Further develop each question to explore different facets of the problem. Encourage depth and detail in questioning.
  2. Organize and Prioritize: Group similar questions and identify key areas that need focus. Prioritize the questions based on their relevance and importance to the problem.
  3. Research and Answer: Use the questions as a guide for research and exploration. Seek to answer these questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem.

Examples of Starbursting in Practice

Example 1: Product Launch

  • Problem: Launching a new product.
  • Questions: Who is the target audience? What are the unique features of the product? Where will the product be available? When is the ideal launch time? Why will customers prefer this product? How will the product be marketed?

Example 2: Process Improvement

  • Problem: Improving an operational process.
  • Questions: Who are the stakeholders? What are the current bottlenecks? Where are the inefficiencies occurring? When do issues typically arise? Why is the process underperforming? How can technology aid in improvement?

Example 3: Team Performance

  • Problem: Enhancing team performance.
  • Questions: Who are the key team members? What are the current challenges? Where are communication gaps? When do productivity lulls occur? Why is the team not meeting targets? How can motivation be increased?


The Starbursting technique is a powerful tool for dissecting and understanding problems or decisions in a professional context. By focusing on the generation of questions rather than immediate solutions, it encourages a comprehensive and multi-faceted exploration of the issue. This method is particularly useful in the early stages of problem-solving when defining and understanding the problem is crucial. It ensures that all relevant aspects are considered, paving the way for more effective and well-informed solutions.

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