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How to Use the Role Play Technique


The Role Play technique is a creative problem-solving method that involves adopting different perspectives, particularly those of various occupations, to approach a problem or ‘probortunity’ differently. This technique leverages the diverse ways in which different professions think, perceive, and solve problems. By putting yourself in their shoes and into their mindset you should discover new ways of approaching your situation and generating innovations in your own field.

Steps for the Technique:

Role Play brainstorming techniques training tutorials
  1. Select an Occupation to Role Play:
    • Use a computer program or manual method to randomly select an occupation. This ensures a diverse range of perspectives and avoids bias towards familiar or comfortable roles.
    • Examples of occupations could range from an artist to a mathematician, or a chef to an engineer.
  2. Immerse Yourself in the Role:
    • Step into the shoes of the selected profession.
    • Consider their typical environment, tools they use, their thought processes, and how they might perceive the problem differently.
  3. Approach the Probortunity:
    • Analyze the problem from the perspective of the chosen occupation.
    • Consider questions like:
      • How would this profession view the problem?
      • What unique solutions might they propose?
      • What tools or methods would they use to solve it?
      • How would they think?
      • What objects and items would they be using?
      • Where would they be doing it?
      • How would they see the problem?
      • What action would they take?
      • How would they explain the problem?
      • How would they solve the problem?
  4. Generate Ideas and Solutions:
    • Think creatively and note down all the ideas, no matter how unconventional they may seem.
    • Explore how these ideas could be practically applied to your probortunity.
  5. Repeat with Different Roles:
    • Repeat the process with different occupations to gather a wide array of perspectives and solutions.

Additional Extensions:

  1. Group Role Play:
    • Have a group of people each adopt different occupations and interact, brainstorming solutions together.
    • Alternatively, have everyone assume the same occupation and explore how a collective of similar minds would tackle the problem.
  2. Problem Personification:
    • One person acts as the ‘problem’ itself, while others interact with this personified problem, asking questions and proposing solutions.
    • This approach can lead to deep insights into the nature of the problem and innovative ways of addressing it.

Benefits of Role Play Technique:

  • Diverse Perspectives: Provides a range of viewpoints and solutions that you might not have considered otherwise.
  • Creative Thinking: Encourages out-of-the-box thinking and breaking away from conventional problem-solving methods.
  • Enhanced Problem Understanding: Seeing a problem through different eyes can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of its facets.

Alternative version

The alternative version is to role play as a famous person / celebrity using the Celebrity Mind Meld role play technique.


The Role Play technique is a dynamic and engaging way to tackle probortunities. By adopting the perspectives of various professions, you can uncover unique and effective solutions that might be overlooked in traditional problem-solving approaches. This method not only aids in generating creative solutions but also enhances empathy and understanding of different viewpoints.

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