Useful Links – Excel and Word and PowerPoint, ChatGPT and more…

excel, word, powerpoint and ChatGPT training

Here’s lots of links to useful websites that you might use to benefit your work and play:

Support, help, consultancy and training on Excel spreadsheets please go to

Excel Training Courses at Excel Training

For help from an Excel Tutor, Excel Instructor, Excel Coach or Excel Mentor

Excel Skills Assessment and Excel Proficiency Testing Service

Training courses, consultant and advice on ChatGPT please go to

Brainstorming training course with free creative thinking techniques and software

Consultancy and help on Microsoft Word please go to

Training, consultancy and help with PowerPoint please visit:

Preventing junk mail, cold calls and sales telephone calls go to

Understanding electoral systems and proportional representation calculations visit

Free daily word challenge game try out

Speeding up your replies to repetitive emails or copying and pasting without the repetition and effort go to

Direct work tools and worksheets for social workers go to

Helpful links to advice, tools and resources on managing feelings and feeling better visit

Free tools and resources for helping with anxiety then go to

Management consultant in Sheffield, UK then visit

Training courses in Excel spreadsheets skills and problem solving visit:

Wind Turbines – how they work, which to buy, where they are

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