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ContentLayoutWebsite name and linkComments site – source of free training and software downloads for all aspects of brainstorming, creative and lateral thinking.
GoodExcellentNational Innovation Website, Australian Government with different sections for business and youth development.
OKGoodMichael Michalko pages of author of Thinkertoys, ThinkPak and Cracking Creativity.
  IdeaStormz.com exchange of ideas to harness the collective power of experience and imagination. Share your ideas on any topic and get help from the community on them!
GoodGoodThunderbolt Thinkinghttp://www.thunderboltthinking.comAdvert for book by Grace McGartland. Tips, tools and techniques for managing thinking to optimize performance, innovation, and creativity.
GoodOKEdward de Bono home pages for Edward de Bono. Not much free stuff here but if you want to know anything about him or his books then go here and buy it.
  Lateral Thinking Puzzles 
GoodGoodExpertsOn Innovation of links to innovation sites
GoodGoodAha! Puzzleshttp://www.ahapuzzles.comA nice selection of puzzles with solutions.
GoodGoodThe Puzzling World of Barry R Clarkehttp://barryispuzzled.comA nice selection of puzzles with solutions including original free brain teasers from the Daily Telegraph (UK) compiler.
  InnovationToolshttp://www.innovationtools.comProvides a collection of tools, ideas and resources, designed to help executives be more creative in their day-to-day work.
ExcellentGoodThe Right Brain Works of information here, especially details of many inventions on their Creativity Timeline. Good examples of inventions and inventors.
ContentLayoutWebsite name and linkComments
GoodExcellentCr8ng -Robert Alan Black™ Creative Thinking Throughout the World. Some interesting articles on creative thinking with some creative challenges for you to try out on yourself.
OKOKMIT of their research on technology but with no free content or titles to capture your imagination.
GoodExcellentBright Idea Incorporatedhttp://www.brightidea.comCompany offering money in return for your ideas. You can compete for cash prizes or just tell the world about your ideas for free.
GoodGoodInnovation Research Centerhttp://mint.mcmaster.caGood academic site with links to innovation courses. Lots of research done here.
ExcellentExcellentMotivational Quotes Archive many quotes as you can eat! Lots of different topics and an all-inclusive database search page.
ExcellentGoodCreative Quotations creative site with loads of information and one of the largest creative quotation websites on the Internet. You can even design you own creative acronym.
GoodOKPaul Sloane Sloane’s home page. Writer on lateral thinking puzzles.
GoodGoodVirtual Thinking Expeditionhttp://www.thinking-expedition.comOrganization using creative thinking skills in an outdoor environment as management training in the US.
ExcellentGoodMind-mapping with MindMan software for noting ideas in free form diagrams.
GoodGoodCreativity Unleashed information is there and they do make good use of interactive web techniques. Well laid out.
OKGoodBrain.com selling software and other things to help you think fast. Not possible to download first.
GoodOKSuperMemo World and mind-enhancement system and software. Use the speed reading section first to enable you to read the large amount of text.
ExcellentExcellentEnchanted Mind resource for alternative creative techniques and creativity-related topics. Lots of info here!
ExcellentExcellentInventors’ Site resource for inventors with advice on patents and product development. This company is advertising its own services.
ExcellentExcellentGlobal Ideas Bank place to add your own ideas and search those other people have had. Good organization of ideas by category.
Innovation Network 
Leader Values 
Training Registry 
Directed Creativity 
OKOKNational Center for Creativity, Inc. its own courses and membership options. Graphic intensive and quite hard to read. No free stuff.
PoorOKImagination Institute site for self-development. Too many headings repeated on every page.
Creative Inspirations 
GoodGoodAnakins Brain Wenger’s Accelerated Learning website. Free online version of his books.
GoodGoodCreate-It of Jordan Ayan, writer of Aha!
The Wizards Den 
Puzzle Depot 
  Reviewing Skills Training searchable pages of tips, articles, research, links, guides + reviews of books about active learning
Pointless Inc. 
ContentLayoutWebsite name and linkComments
ExcellentGoodFunny Town strictly creativity but good resource of humour and jokes.
ExcellentExcellentTotally Absurd US Patents fun. New and updating web pages including all the funniest inventions and all of them actual US patented products!
  Dynamic Thinking 
The Brainstorm Business Forum 
Brainstorm Reports 
Harvey Cards 
The People’s Cyber Nation 
Creative Aerobics 
Teaching Creativity Website by Professor Ramos 
Creative Problem Solving Institute 
Brain Tricks 
Adventures in Creativity, Inc 
Innovation Station 
Idea Web 
Motiv8 Pages 
The Engines of Ingenuitygopher:// 
Mind Media 
ExcellentExcellentMind Games laid-out mind games website to play with and stimulate you. Very good explanations after the event.
Tony Buzan  
ExcellentExcellentInteractive Pong Game! is the funniest game of the old fashioned tennis game available on the net! Nothing to do with brainstorming but too tacky to leave out!
GoodGoodAnagram Genius anagrams from your own words.
Adams Six Sigmahttp://www.adamssixsigma.comConsultants in TQM, strategic planning, goal setting, team building, employee motivation, and statistical process control.
ExcellentExcellentPages that link to us page that links to websites that link to our websites. Where else could be a better source of information?
ExcellentExcellentBrainstorming Toolbox software. Proactive creative thinking techniques.
ExcellentExcellentScreamSaver from computer-related injuries such as RSI, eyestrain and back pain.
ExcellentExcellentSelf-help Subliminals through displaying subliminal messages on your computer.

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