How to introduce and use new Creative Thinking techniques in brainstorming

Introducing and effectively using creative thinking techniques in brainstorming sessions can significantly enhance the idea generation process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Creative Thinking techniques in brainstorming sessions
  1. Educate Participants about Creative Thinking Techniques:
    • Direct participants to relevant websites or resources to familiarize them with creative thinking techniques.
    • Consider purchasing a license for comprehensive access to these resources or arrange for internal training sessions.
  2. Introduce Brainstorming Rules:
    • Begin by outlining the basic rules of brainstorming to establish a structured and open environment for idea generation.
  3. Introduce Advanced Brainstorming Techniques:
    • Inform participants that you will be using advanced techniques to introduce fresh stimuli into the session.
    • Explain that these stimuli will serve as the starting point for idea generation, encouraging participants to think beyond the conventional scope.
  4. Provide Training on Specific Techniques (Optional):
    • If necessary, include training sessions on how to effectively use these advanced techniques.
  5. Generate Creative Thinking Stimuli:
    • Use brainstorming tools, such as computer software or manual methods, to create stimuli for the session.
    • Be prepared to introduce new stimuli as needed to keep the session dynamic and productive.
  6. Manage the Use of Stimuli:
    • Encourage participants to focus on the given stimulus and not to rush to new stimuli too quickly.
    • In some cases, rapidly presenting stimuli can be used to encourage faster thinking and less analysis.
  7. Guide Discussions and Idea Generation:
    • Foster discussions that revolve around the stimulus, guiding participants back if they stray too far from it.
    • Encourage ideas that are connected to the stimulus in some way to ensure focused and effective brainstorming.
  8. Experiment with Various Techniques:
    • Recognize that different participants may respond better to different techniques, such as visual or verbal stimuli.
    • Regularly rotate through various techniques to discover what works best for your group and to introduce variety into the sessions.
  9. Monitor and Adjust Techniques:
    • Be observant of the group’s response to different techniques and be flexible in adjusting your approach.
    • Remember that changing techniques can invigorate the brainstorming process and lead to more innovative solutions.

By following these steps, you can effectively introduce and utilize creative thinking techniques in your brainstorming sessions, leading to more dynamic, diverse, and creative outcomes.

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