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Future Perfect Vision technique. free brainstorming training

Future Perfect Vision is a forward-thinking problem-solving technique that involves visualizing an ideal future where a specific problem has been completely and perfectly resolved. Participants then work backward from this imagined future state to understand the steps, strategies, and decisions that led to the successful resolution of the problem. This method is particularly effective in goal setting, strategic planning, and scenarios where long-term visioning is crucial.

Steps of Future Perfect Vision

  1. Envisioning the Ideal Future: Participants are encouraged to imagine a future scenario where the problem they are currently facing has been solved in the best possible way.
  2. Backward Mapping: From this envisioned future state, participants trace back the steps and key milestones that led to the successful outcome.
  3. Identifying Key Actions: Determine the actions, decisions, and strategies that would have been necessary to move from the current state to the envisioned future.
  4. Developing a Roadmap: Based on these insights, develop a roadmap or a strategic plan that outlines how to achieve this ideal future from the present moment.
  5. Assessment of Feasibility: Evaluate the realism and feasibility of the steps and actions identified, making adjustments as necessary.
  6. Implementation Planning: Plan for the implementation of the identified strategies, considering resources, timelines, and potential challenges.


  • Example 1: Business Growth
  • Application: A company envisions itself as a market leader in five years. They work backward to identify the strategic partnerships, product innovations, and marketing strategies that were crucial in achieving this status.
  • Example 2: Environmental Sustainability
  • Application: Environmentalists envision a future with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. They backtrack to identify the policy changes, technological advancements, and public awareness campaigns that led to this achievement.
  • Example 3: Educational Reform
  • Application: Educators imagine a future where the literacy rate is 100%. They trace back the steps involving policy changes, curriculum development, and teacher training that were essential in reaching this goal.


Future Perfect Vision is highly useful in strategic planning, organizational development, policy making, and personal goal setting. It encourages participants to think ambitively and creatively about long-term goals and the necessary steps to achieve them. This technique is particularly beneficial in scenarios where a clear and inspiring vision is needed to guide decision-making and strategy formulation.

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