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Deliberate Challenge Technique


The Deliberate Challenge Technique is an innovative approach designed to stimulate creative problem-solving and idea generation. It revolves around introducing a carefully crafted statement or question that intentionally challenges conventional thinking. This technique is particularly effective in breaking mental blocks and encouraging the exploration of unique perspectives and solutions.

Steps of the Deliberate Challenge Technique

Deliberate Challenge Technique brainstorming training course
  1. Identify the Topic or Issue: Begin by clearly defining the problem or subject where innovation is needed.
  2. Craft a Deliberate Challenge: Create a statement or question that is intentionally provocative but not confrontational. This should be closely related to the topic and designed to encourage participants to think differently.
  3. Explore Responses to the Challenge: Facilitate a discussion where participants express their immediate reactions and thoughts in response to the challenge.
  4. Brainstorm Based on the Challenge: Use the initial responses as a springboard for a broader brainstorming session. This is the phase for creative and unconventional ideas to flourish.
  5. Evaluate and Refine Ideas: Critically assess the ideas generated, focusing on their feasibility and relevance to the original problem. Refine the most promising ideas into practical solutions.
  6. Feedback and Iteration: Collect feedback on the refined ideas and iterate as needed, ensuring the solutions are practical and aligned with the objectives.


  • Example 1: Product Development
  • Challenge: “What if our product had to survive on Mars?”
  • Application: This challenge could lead a tech company to consider extreme durability and self-sufficiency in product design, indirectly improving its products’ performance and sustainability on Earth.
  • Example 2: Customer Service Improvement
  • Challenge: “Imagine our service is so bad that all our customers leave. What did we do wrong?”
  • Application: This reverse thinking can help a customer service team identify potential flaws and areas for improvement in their current practices.
  • Example 3: Marketing Strategy
  • Challenge: “What if we have to market our product without using the internet?”
  • Application: This could lead a marketing team to explore innovative offline marketing strategies, diversifying their overall approach and potentially uncovering untapped markets.


The Deliberate Challenge Technique is versatile and can be applied across various domains, including business, education, and creative fields. It encourages breaking free from traditional thought patterns and promotes the discovery of unconventional solutions, making it an invaluable tool for teams seeking to innovate and think outside the box.

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