Free Creative Thinking and Lateral Thinking techniques training

(To use this page you first need to learn how creative thinking techniques work.)

This list of creative thinking techniques are normally used as part of the brainstorming process so please read the full brainstorming training course on this website. click below to follow the full training course or choose a technique directly. Use our free brainstorming software that goes alongside some of the techniques.

The “Random Stimulus” Techniques

These brainstorming techniques provide a random stimulus to use to stimulate new ideas never thought of before

The “Structured” Techniques

Creative techniques providing ways of following through known ways of helping generate new solutions.

The “Brainstorming with AI” Technique

Using AI Artificial Intelligence) to brainstorm and use it to create new ideas and evaluate them.

The “Act like someone else” Techniques

Techniques to view new solutions by approaching them from someone else’s perspective.

The “Unconventional Thinking” Techniques

Training in brainstorming tools that help approach problems from new directions and provide new, useful solutions.

The “Collaborative” Techniques

Creativity techniques training useful for groups to work through new potential solutions.

The “Organizational” Techniques

Known brainstorming methods that help organisations work through generation of new ideas and evaluating their application.

Next Steps

When you have now read the training on each of the techniques and want to read about how to use these techniques within your brainstorming sessions, click here. Otherwise keep on reading through the techniques …..

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