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Computer-aided brainstorming software

Brainstorming software is a game-changer in the world of idea generation, offering an almost limitless array of stimuli. Imagine having a unique stimulus every minute, every day, for an entire year – and the same the following year!

This software is perfect for solo brainstorming as well, eliminating the need for external stimuli. Our software is packed with a variety of fully operational techniques ready to be used in your sessions. Simply install it on a PC or laptop, and you’re all set. Start your session with a stimulus and keep the momentum going by generating new ones with just a click.

An added advantage is the ability to record all your ideas directly onto the computer. This facilitates easy analysis and implementation, ensuring no idea gets lost. You can later print out or email your collection of ideas for further action.

The software can also be used in group settings or solo. If you have a projector or an extra monitor, you can display the computer screen for all participants to see. Alternatively, you could keep the stimuli to yourself or let each participant run the software on their own devices. This could lead to a burst of original ideas as the diverse range of stimuli produces unexpected interactions.

Benefits of Using Computer-Aided Brainstorming Software

Computer-aided brainstorming software with training

Infinite and Diverse Stimuli

  • Endless Creativity: With the capacity to generate a unique stimulus every minute, the software ensures a virtually limitless pool of prompts. This constant renewal of stimuli can significantly enhance creative thinking.
  • Year-Round Innovation: The software’s capacity to provide fresh stimuli daily means that you can sustain brainstorming sessions throughout the year without repetition, keeping ideas fresh and innovative.

Solo Brainstorming Efficiency

  • Independent Operation: The software empowers individual brainstormers by providing stimuli without the need for external input. This is particularly beneficial for solo brainstormers who seek to explore ideas without group influence.
  • Self-Directed Creativity: Users have the autonomy to navigate their creative process, choosing when and how to switch between stimuli, fostering a more personalized and effective brainstorming journey.

Integrated Brainstorming Techniques

  • Ready-to-Use Tools: The software comes equipped with a variety of brainstorming techniques, readily accessible and easy to implement. This feature allows users to experiment with different methods to find what best sparks their creativity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for straightforward installation and use, the software is accessible to anyone with basic computer skills, making it a convenient tool for a wide audience.

Efficient Idea Management

  • Comprehensive Recording: The ability to record, analyze, and act on ideas within the software streamlines the brainstorming process. This integrated approach ensures that no idea gets lost and facilitates easy review.
  • Output Options: With features to print or email ideas, the software provides flexibility in how ideas are shared and discussed, making it easier to collaborate and take action on generated concepts.

Versatile Display Options

Computer enhanced brainstorming software
  • Collaborative Viewing: The software’s compatibility with projectors and extra monitors makes it ideal for group sessions, allowing everyone to view and react to stimuli in real time.
  • Private or Shared Sessions: Users have the option to keep stimuli private or share them with the group, offering versatility in how the brainstorming session is conducted.
  • Individual Software Access: In group settings, each participant can run the software on their own device. This creates a dynamic environment where a wide range of stimuli can lead to a rich tapestry of ideas, enhancing group creativity.


  • Broad Compatibility: With the requirement of just a basic computer running an internet browser you can use it on your laptop, phone or tablet to generate new ideas in the office or on the move.

Never be stuck for a new idea with brainstorming software.

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