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Cherry Split creative technique


Cherry Split is an inventive problem-solving and ideation technique that involves dissecting the features of a product or service into multiple, distinct parts. This approach encourages participants to think modularly, potentially leading to groundbreaking ideas for products or services that are more flexible, customizable, or efficient. The technique is particularly useful in environments where innovation in product design and service delivery is a key focus.

Steps of Cherry Split

  1. Identify Features: List out all the existing features of the product or service in question.
  2. Analyze and Dissect. Carefully examine each feature and consider ways it can be split or broken down into smaller, independent components.
  3. Explore Modular Possibilities. For each dissected feature, explore how it could function as a stand-alone element or in combination with other features.
  4. Innovative Combination. Think creatively about how these independent elements could be recombined or reconfigured to create new product variations or service models.
  5. Assess Feasibility. Evaluate the practicality and market viability of these newly conceived modular features or services.
  6. Prototype and Test. Develop prototypes or conceptual models of the most promising ideas and test them for functionality and market response.


  • Example 1: Modular Smartphone Design
  • Application: In smartphone design, using Cherry Split to break down features like camera, battery, or screen, leading to a modular phone where users can upgrade individual components.
  • Example 2: Flexible Subscription Services
  • Application: A streaming service applies Cherry Split to its subscription model, allowing customers to choose and pay for only the specific genres or types of content they prefer.
  • Example 3: Customizable Educational Courses
  • Application: An educational platform uses Cherry Split to break down courses into smaller modules, enabling learners to tailor their education path by selecting only the modules they need.


Cherry Split is effective in product design, service innovation, and any field where enhancing flexibility and customization is a priority. It’s particularly valuable in technology, education, and service industries where customer needs are diverse and evolving. This technique helps in not only creating innovative solutions but also in catering to the specific preferences and requirements of different user segments.

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