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Overview of the Celebrity Mind Meld Technique – a version of the Role Play technique

Celebrity Mind Meld Technique free brainstorming training

The Celebrity Mind Meld technique is a creative brainstorming method that involves assuming the persona of a well-known historical or contemporary figure to approach a problem or opportunity (probortunity) from a fresh perspective. Use scientists, engineers, pop stars, influencers, politicians, local heroes, etc and get into their mindset to approach solutions from a new angle.

This technique taps into the diverse thought processes, experiences, and problem-solving approaches of famous individuals. By embodying their mindset, you can discover innovative ways of tackling challenges in your own field.

Celebrities are famous for a reason, both good and bad, so if you can extract that essence and re-apply it you should be able to generate creative ideas to your different scenario.

PS a “mind meld” is a term from Star Trek that now means a telepathic union between two beings so they have a true understanding of each other as they can feel and think as the other person.

Steps for the Technique:

Select a Famous Figure to Role Play:

Use a computer program or manual method to randomly choose a famous person. This encourages a broad spectrum of perspectives and reduces the inclination towards familiar or preferred personalities.

Examples of famous figures could range from Leonardo da Vinci to Marie Curie, or Steve Jobs to Malala Yousafzai.

Immerse Yourself in the Role:

Adopt the persona of the selected figure.

Consider their historical or current context, their achievements, their thought processes, and how they might view the problem differently.

Approach the Probortunity:

Analyze the problem from the perspective of the chosen figure.

Contemplate questions like:

  • How would this individual perceive the issue?
  • What novel solutions might they propose?
  • What strategies or methodologies would they employ?
  • How would their unique experiences influence their approach?
  • What kind of environment would they be in?
  • How would their personal history shape their view of the problem?
  • What actions might they take?
  • How would they articulate the issue?
  • How would they work towards a solution?

Generate Ideas and Solutions:

Think inventively and document all ideas, regardless of how unconventional they appear.

Explore how these concepts could be applied to your probortunity.

Repeat with Different Figures:

Cycle through the process with various famous individuals to gather a diverse array of perspectives and solutions.

Additional Extensions:

Group Role Play:

Have a group each adopt different famous figures and collaborate, brainstorming solutions together as if each person is the celebrity.

Alternatively, have everyone embody the same figure and explore how a collective of similar minds would address the problem.

Problem Personification:

One person acts as the ‘problem’, while others, as their chosen figures, interact with this personified issue, offering solutions.

This can yield profound insights into the nature of the problem and inventive ways of solving it.

Benefits of Celebrity Mind Meld Technique:
  • Diverse Perspectives: Offers a variety of viewpoints and solutions that might be unexplored otherwise.
  • Creative Thinking: Promotes thinking outside the traditional frameworks and conventional problem-solving techniques.
  • Enhanced Problem Understanding: Viewing a problem through the lens of different famous figures can lead to a more thorough understanding of its various aspects.


The Celebrity Mind Meld technique is a dynamic and stimulating way to address probortunities. By embodying the perspectives of various well-known individuals, you can uncover unique and effective solutions that might be overlooked in standard problem-solving methods. This approach not only aids in generating inventive solutions but also enhances empathy and appreciation for different viewpoints.

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