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Rules of Brainstorming

Free Brainstorming Rules and PDF Training
  1. Postpone Judgment of Ideas: Avoid judging ideas during the brainstorming session. Refrain from criticizing or complimenting ideas at this stage. Treat all ideas as potentially valuable and note them all down. The focus should be on generating ideas, not evaluating them, as evaluation consumes mental energy that could be used for creative thinking.
  2. Encourage Wild Ideas: Embrace and encourage outlandish and exaggerated ideas. Wild ideas can be more easily refined than coming up with perfectly practical ideas from the start. Use creative thinking techniques and tools, like Brainstorming Toolbox, to help stimulate fresh, unconventional ideas.
  3. Prioritize Quantity Over Quality: Aim for a high quantity of ideas. The focus should be on generating as many ideas as possible, with the quality assessment to come later. Keep ideas brief for quick generation and wide-ranging possibilities.
  4. Build on Others’ Ideas: Actively develop and expand on the ideas presented by others. Use these ideas as a springboard for your own creativity. Combining and improving upon others’ ideas is as crucial as originating an initial idea.
  5. Equal Worth of All Participants and Ideas: Value each participant and their ideas equally. Every perspective is unique and valuable. Encourage all forms of participation, even if ideas need to be written down and handed out. Remember, ideas generated belong to the group, not the individual. A successful brainstorming session is marked by everyone feeling free and confident to contribute.

By adhering to these rules, a brainstorming session can become a prolific ground for innovative and creative solutions, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.

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