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Attribute Listing is an analytical and creative technique used primarily in product development and improvement. It involves breaking down a problem, product, or service into its individual attributes or components. By examining each attribute separately, the technique allows for a detailed exploration of ways to modify, improve, or substitute these components, leading to innovative solutions and enhancements.

Steps of Attribute Listing

Attribute Listing brainstorming technique
  1. Identify the Subject: Choose the product, service, or problem that needs to be analyzed.
  2. List Attributes: Break down the subject into its individual attributes or components. This could include physical features, functionalities, materials, processes, aesthetics, and more.
  3. Analyze Each Attribute: Examine each attribute independently. Consider its purpose, effectiveness, and how it interacts with other components.
  4. Generate Ideas: For each attribute, think creatively about how it can be changed, improved, substituted, or eliminated. This could involve brainstorming sessions or individual ideation.
  5. Evaluate and Synthesize Ideas: Review the ideas generated for each attribute. Consider feasibility, impact, and potential improvements they could bring.
  6. Develop Improved Concepts: Combine the best ideas to develop enhanced versions of the original product, service, or solution to the problem.


  • Example 1: Smartphone Design
  • Application: A tech company applies Attribute Listing to a smartphone design, examining and innovating individual features such as battery life, screen material, and software interface.
  • Example 2: Customer Service Process
  • Application: A business uses this method to improve its customer service process, breaking down each step from initial contact to resolution and exploring ways to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Example 3: Packaging Redesign
  • Application: A company revisits its product packaging, assessing aspects like materials, design, and ease of opening, leading to more sustainable and user-friendly packaging solutions.


Attribute Listing is versatile and can be applied in numerous fields including product design, service improvement, and problem-solving. By focusing on individual attributes, it encourages detailed scrutiny and fosters creativity, leading to more effective and innovative outcomes. This method is particularly beneficial in environments where incremental improvements can lead to significant advancements.

Attribute Listing is also a valuable skill to use when applying the other creative thinking techniques such as Random Word, Random Picture and Random Website because you list the attributes of the random prompt and re-apply them to your live problem to discover new solutions.

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