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Free training on running brainstorming sessions

Traditional brainstorming is a well-established process that has stood the test of time in generating new ideas. Therefore, this training course has provided a comprehensive overview of the rules and principles of Traditional Brainstorming, equipping you with the knowledge to participate in and conduct brainstorming sessions. With this foundation, prepare yourself to approach brainstorming with confidence, adhering to globally recognized practices. When these rules and principles are applied, brainstorming sessions should yield successful and fruitful results.

Standard training on running Brainstorming Session Summary:

  1. Define the objective of the session.
  2. Carefully plan your sessions and select participants.
  3. Conduct the session, adhering to these key rules:
  • Delay and refrain from critiquing ideas.
  • Include the generation of outlandish and creative ideas.
  • Prioritize the number of ideas over their immediate quality.
  • Encourage building upon the ideas presented by others.
  • Treat every participant and their ideas with equal respect.
  • Facilitate a free-flowing exchange of ideas, recording all contributions.
  • Incorporate Advanced Brainstorming techniques when suitable.
  • Express gratitude to all participants at the session’s conclusion.
  • Analyze the ideas gathered to identify viable solutions.

While there are challenges in the initial stages of establishing brainstorming sessions, the overarching advantages are significant. With careful preparation and consideration, you can conduct sessions that enhance both your personal and your organization’s prospects in the short and long term.

The Superiority of Advanced Brainstorming

Free training on advanced brainstorming

Despite its effectiveness, traditional brainstorming can be significantly improved with the integration of modern, innovative techniques, materials, and software. This enhanced approach is what we term as ADVANCED BRAINSTORMING.

Numerous aspects of traditional brainstorming have room for improvement, and certain challenges inherent in the method can be addressed with advanced techniques. While it is possible to run a successful session using traditional methods alone, embracing advanced techniques can lead to even more enjoyable and productive brainstorming sessions.

Having mastered traditional brainstorming, explore Advanced Brainstorming techniques. These techniques offer a wealth of benefits and can be leveraged to further enhance the brainstorming process, leading to more dynamic, efficient, and creative outcomes.

Read on to the Advanced Brainstorming training section of this website for advanced techniques and tactics.

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