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Patent and trademark offices, agents and advice

Here is a list of patent and trademark offices and agents along with advice on applying for and getting patents and trademarks. Please feel free to other ones to add to the list.

[Patent and Trademark Offices] [Patent and trademark agents] [Patent and trademark advice]

Patent and Trademark Offices


United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Patent Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice before the USPTO

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patent Databases


European Patent Office


United Kingdom Patent Office

The UK Patent Office - Using a chartered patent agent

Links to search engines and directories


Government > Law > Intellectual Property > Patents

Government > Law > Intellectual Property > Trademarks

Business and Economy > Companies > Law > Intellectual Property > Patents

Business and Economy > Companies > Law > Intellectual Property > Trademarks


Get a Patent Quickly and Easily


Patent and Trademark agents


MARKMonitor - provides real-time intelligence for tracking the use of trademarks, tradenames and famous names throughout the Internet

Trademark Research Services

All-Available Trademark Domain USA, Inc.


Trademark Custom Homes


Patent and Trademark Advice

U.S. Trademark Law  

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